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A Clean Slate: CleanBeeBaby Cleaning Service

January 9, 2012

You could fill a cereal bowl with the Cheerios lurking in your car (but you shouldn’t).

If the ordeal of cleaning your mobile mess has taken a backseat, it’s time for an ecofriendly cleanse from CleanBeeBaby.

Founder Jennifer Beall created the convenient comes-to-you service to clean up “mold cocktails,” otherwise known as car seats and strollers. The process starts with a thorough vacuum, followed by a generous spritz of nontoxic cleaning product to break up deep stains. Scraping and scrubbing ensure no icky particles are left behind, and a final hot steam treatment kills germs and sanitizes not only the seats, but the base, straps, and clips. Bonus: Reinstallations are always completed by a certified child passenger safety technician.

Worried your goods look like a scene from Goldfish Hoarders? Relax, they’ve removed house paint from Bugaboos, cat pee from Double Bobs, and just about every combo of curdled milk and snack you can imagine.

So you can wash your hands of it.

To see schedules or make an appointment, go to cleanbeebaby.com, $20-$60.