Winter Coat Warning!

In these chilly winter months, you just want to keep your little ones toasty warm, but when you are buckling them in their car seats, be sure to remove their bulky winter coat, first!

Why? Bulky coats can add inches of insulation to their frames, which will cause you to loosen straps and harnesses that are designed to work most effectively when flush to their bodies. Loose straps can lead to head and chest injuries, or even death, in the event of a car accident, as this scary TODAY show video demonstrates.

So what do you do when the temperature outside is frigid? Obviously it helps to heat the car slightly ahead of time, but that isn't always practical. We recommend dressing your child in layers, such as long underwear and a thin fleece jacket under their bulky winter coat. Remove their bulky winter coat, buckle them in and then place their winter coat or a blanket OVER them. For newborns, you can apply the same logic, dressing them in non-bulky layers, buckling them in and THEN swaddle over the straps. There are also car seat safe jackets, bunting and other similar products available.

Lastly, don't overdo it, either - overheating can also be a concern in the winter.

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