Raising Awareness of Black Maternal Health in America

At Tot Squad, we’ve always celebrated diversity among the parents we serve. Recently, with the amplification of Black Lives Matter, we realized we weren’t doing a good enough job taking that message even further, and highlighting the condition of Black women and Black mothers today.

As part of our ongoing and continued efforts to raise awareness of Black maternal health in America, we hosted a Facebook Live with our partner The Boppy Company as part of their initiative, the MomKind Project. The topic: Raising Awareness of Black Maternal Health in America.

The broadcast, which was live on June 25th, 2020 and can be viewed in its entirety here, was hosted on The Boppy Company Facebook page. This honest, eye-opening conversation brought together Tot Squad CEO Jennifer Saxton and Blessing Adesiyan, CEO of Mother Honestly, a platform that propels women forward in motherhood, work and life.

At Tot Squad, we will continue to amplify the voices of Black women and especially Black mothers by sharing their stories, supporting their rights and contributing to causes that improve their lives, now and forever.

Blessing and Jen shared some incredible, saddening but powerful data during our conversation that we encourage you to absorb, like that “pregnancy-related deaths in 2018 in America were dramatically higher for women of color: roughly 37 deaths per 100,000 births for black women, while only 15 for white women and 12 for Hispanic women”, according to NBC News.

We’re so thankful that Blessing joined us in this conversation and we look forward to sharing more stories and perspectives like hers in the future.

Get to know Blessing a little better:

Blessing Adesiyan is a mother of three, a career professional and the Founder & CEO of Mother Honestly, a solution-driven platform and ecosystem that propels women forward in motherhood, work and life. Blessing is a trusted expert in work-life solutions for working parents and has helped transform the role of mothers in the workplace and home, engaging over 300,000 ambitious women through her platform, podcast and conferences. Her passion to call women to their truest and limitless potential in motherhood, addressing challenges and crafting sustainable solutions, while combining work and life helps women, their family and their employers achieve long-term success. Blessing is no stranger to big ideas and even bigger to-do lists, but her passion for solving challenges that millennial women face in the workforce and the cultivation of their ambitions is what led her to launch MH as a response to a “gaping hole” in culture. A global citizen who resides in Houston, TX, she obtained her B.Sc. In Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida, an MSc. in Energy Management from the New York Institute of Technology and an MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.