Franchise Financing: Making Dreams Possible

Franchising has a branding problem these days. In the age of high-tech start ups, franchising can seem...well...a little old-fashioned. The reality is, however, that the franchising industry is growing faster than other businesses. For the last 5 years, franchising has outpaced the economy's growth and will contribute 3% to the total U.S. GDP - an increase of 5.1% from last year.

Have you thought about starting a Tot Squad franchise, but been unsure if you have the financial resources to do so? We recently partnered with Benetrends Financial, which specializes in small business financing, to help potential entrepreneurs launch their dreams. Offering a comprehensive suite of financing options, they have helped more than 10,000 people finance their franchises.

Visit our franchising page to find out more about the financing products Benetrends offers and start a Tot Squad franchise - the business that CNBC has dubbed a "red hot" franchise concept. This isn't the tired, old franchise of yesteryear!