Double Dilemma: All About Double Strollers

So you are expecting your second baby....congratulations!! You have so many exciting things to look forward to, such as introducing your older child to their new sibling, watching them become best friends, taking adorable pictures of them in matching outfits, and if they are born within three or four years of one another, strolling around with them in your double stroller.

Wait. What's that you say? You haven't decided on which double stroller works best for your new growing family? No came to the right place! Let's talk double strollers.

Double strollers are broken down into two main categories: tandem and side-by-side. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of my favorites in each category and what you need to know about each.


Tandem strollers, or in-line strollers, are strollers where one kid sits behind the other, not beside each other. Tandem strollers are generally the same width as a single stroller so they are easy to fit in doors and narrow spaces, such as ramps. The con is their length. They are generally significantly longer than a single stroller so they aren't always the easiest to maneuver.

Orbit Double Helix and Helix Plus

No doubt that Orbit Strollers are some of the most cutting edge strollers on the market today and its double stroller system is no exception. The Double Helix is a tandem frame and the Helix Plus is an adapter that converts G2 & G3 strollers into a tandem. They both feature “smart hub technology” which means the infant car seat and toddler stroller seats snap right into the base.

Pros: This stroller looks amazing and rides equally well. The circular base allows you to turn both seats a number of ways (e.g. facing each other, both facing forward, etc.) and it’s relatively easy to fit through doors and not-so-wide spaces. On both the Double Helix and Helix Plus, you can detach the back base to convert it back to a single stroller. It also has a super cool sidekick stroller board option for older siblings.

Cons: It's one of the longest doubles on the market and is quite heavy. The Helix Plus adapter can be challenging to install. The price tag is definitely significant, too.

Baby Jogger City Select

This is probably one of the most popular doubles out there. They seem to be everywhere and for good reason! The City Select stroller is extremely versatile. It can go from a single to a double in seconds (and even a triple with a glider board attachment), the kids can face one another, face away or face you AND both seats can recline for nap time. It's so easy! It has a huge storage basket underneath and is easy to maneuver.

Pros: This popular stroller is uber versatile, stylish and super easy to use.

Cons: Every other mama seems to drive one of these babies, so again, if you are looking for something unique...then it’s not the City Select. Also, it's very long and not the easiest to "park". Lastly, you have to remove both seats before it will fold. If the latter is problematic, you might check out its stroller “twin” the Britax B-Ready.


Side-by-side strollers are designed for the kids to sit well...side-by-side. The cool thing is the kids can interact more, but the not-so-cool thing is these strollers are wide and tricky to fit through doors, narrow spaces and even some ramps.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie

This is a favorite for parents...especially active parents that exercise by walking or jogging with their kids. Despite the Duallie being a double stroller, it is extremely easy to maneuver. I personally like how both seats recline independently of one another so one kid can sleep and the other can see the world.

Pros: This stroller, despite its size, is fairly lightweight compared to others in this category. It maneuvers amazingly well and provides a super comfy ride for its passengers.

Cons: It doesn't fold up very small which could present a problem if your trunk isn't large enough. Definitely try it out or measure before purchasing!

Bugaboo Donkey Duo

Bugaboo has always been the "fashion-forward" choice among strollers and their double stroller continues the trend. The Donkey Duo is side-by-side, but ultra versatile in that besides the option to have two seats/bassinets facing different or same directions, it also gives parents an option of using just one seat and using the other side for a large basket. In the latter configuration, it allows you to narrow the stroller’s width – genius! This is great for first-time parents who are planning ahead and know they want more children, but don't need that second seat just yet.

Pros: Like all Bugaboos, it drives pretty perfect and it looks super stylish. Parents have multiple color combinations to choose from. As I mentioned earlier, it allows families some room to grow. One of the most narrow side-by-side doubles on the is only 29 inches wide when in "twin mode" – just a few inches wider than the typical single stroller.

Cons: All the versatility makes this one pricey stroller and it has quite a few accessories that will make the price go higher and higher.


Lastly, I give an honorable mention to the ever-popular City Mini Double. Besides being lightweight and a snap to fold and store, it is fairly slim for a side-by-side and you can still steer it with one hand. While not the cushiest ride in town and lacks the versatility of its pricier competitors, it is super functional, simple to use and comes with a more affordable price tag.

This is just the tip of the double stroller iceberg! Do your research and decide which stroller fits the needs of your growing family best. Whatever you decide, though, I promise you are going to have double the fun!



About Stephanie:

Stephanie is the voice behind the blog “The Inspired Mommy” where she shares (sometimes too much) what life with four children under the age of seven is really like...the good, the bad and the ugly....and how she loves every second of it.