10 Tips for a Successful Virtual Car Seat Check

10 Tips for a successful video session:

1. Schedule a time when you can have a second person available to hold the phone or device while you make any necessary adjustments to the seat.

2. You may need to move your car out of the garage and into an area with good lighting where you can fully open the car door.

3. Read both the car seat manual and the vehicle manual prior to your appointment and have both available during the call.

4. For brand new car seats, remove the seat from the box and cut off any tags, being sure to save the warranty card to submit in order to receive important recall notifications.

5. For car seats you’ve used previously, check the expiration date on your seat (usually found on a sticker on the side or bottom of the seat). This may be hard to find after it is installed.

6. Move the front vehicle seats all the way forward and tilt them toward the front to create the most work space in the back seat. You can move them back at the end!

7. Install the car seat in advance of your scheduled time, following the directions provided in the manual. Your video consultation is designed to review your installation and make any necessary corrections.

8. Test your connectivity with the video chat URL you are provided. If you have connection problems, we can make alternate arrangements via FaceTime or Skype. Make sure you place the test call while standing in the location where you will do the seat check appointment to confirm there is a good WiFi or cellular signal.

9. Be ready 5 min in advance! Tot Squad Technicians often have back to back appointments and will not be able to extend your appointment beyond the 30 min time slot you have reserved.

10. If possible, have your child available for the first few minutes of the appointment so that we can ensure proper harness height and fit. Know your child’s height and weight to confirm they fit within the limits of the seat.