Baby Gear Cleaning

Discover experts that your parenting community knows and trusts. Dirty stroller or grimy car seat?

Book baby gear cleaning with ease through our partner, BabyQuip.


Family Spring Cleaning Tips

It feels like you can never get your home clean enough with little ones running around, especially now that many parents are working from home and kids are zoom-schooling. Check out tips for a thorough spring cleaning that can be done any time of year so you stay on top of the grime all the time!


Book a Cleaning

Tot Squad was originally founded to offer the highest quality in baby gear cleaning and repair services. In Spring 2020 our cleaning business was acquired by the amazing team at BabyQuip, where they carry on our tried and true cleaning processes. Check them out and get your gear cleaned with ease!


Baby Gear Safety

Baby gear doesn’t just need to be clean to ensure our children’s safety, it also needs to be properly installed. Tot Squad’s CPSTs (Child Passenger Safety Technicians) are here for virtual car seat safety checks to ensure your car seat if properly installed in your vehicle for a safe drive, no matter where you’re headed.