Your Pediatric Nutrition Questions Answered

Have you recently stared at an Amazon search results page full of baby formulas or toddler snacks with no clue which is best for you and your baby? Yeah, us too.

Navigating feeding your little ones isn't easy. There are seemingly limitless products, approaches and tools to introduce new foods, wean your baby from nursing or expand their palate. End the confusion now with a 20-minute session with one of Tot Squad's pediatric nutrition experts.

We've been building our expert network licensed registered dietitians since 2018, powered by our partner foublie, the pediatrician-approved nutrition clinic. Let's meet a few of them!

Coach Leonila, RD MBA

Leonila is a (toddler) mom with a librarian coaching style. She loves exploring nature with her family or getting in some 'me time' biking, swimming, or running. She's an expert in baby-led weaning and working with selective eaters. She'd love to help you take on meal planning without breaking your budget. Book an appointment with Leonila.


Do you want to provide the best start for your kids but struggle to do that plus everything else on your busy mom plate? Coach Andie can relate. As a mom of two young kids, Soren 7 and Addison 5 (only 19 months apart!), Andie found herself stressed and overwhelmed with being the mom she wanted to be, especially with meeting her own breastfeeding expectations. Today Andie is a mindful mom, thanks to her own journey to be a lactation consultant, yoga instructor and pediatric dietitian. Ready to reach your own baby and tot feeding goals while incorporating mindfulness? She’s here to help you take on breastfeeding, introducing solids, picky eaters and more. Book an appointment with Andie.

Coach Jillian, RD

Jillian was once a high school cheerleader which makes her the coach who can pump you up and help you build confidence. Work with her to take on what to eat when pregnant to breastfeeding to feeding picky eaters and everything in between. Her go-to foods are pineapple and chocolate. Coach Jillian is a registered dietitian and a lactation consultant. Book an appointment with Jillian.