I Can See Clearly Now...

To say that kids are messy is a huge understatement. If your children are anything like mine, you would probably agree they can be disasters! In fact, I often say that I live with four little forces of nature that leave nothing untouched in their paths.

Fortunately for moms like me, there are some amazing cleaning products on the market to provide some relief for our cars and homes. Here are my top picks AND a little bonus all-natural DIY cleaner at the end.

Favorite Stain Remover

I love the stain remover by The Honest Co. This awesome product is especially effective at removing the toughest of stains (ketchup! grass! juice!) AND it is safe to use on carpeting, car seats, upholstery, linens...pretty much any washable fabric. PLUS, it contains no harsh bleach, vapors or questionable residues so it's safe for our babies. It's also biodegradable and non-toxic so it's safe for our environment. Just what you need to clean up after your little tsunamis!

Favorite Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The Honest Co. does it again! Like the stain remover, their multi-surface cleaner packs a powerful punch on dirt and grime, but in the most non-toxic, safest way possible. This plant-based cleaner is great for all surfaces and perfect for keeping your surroundings spotless after your tornados touch down. I use it on everything – kitchen counters, high chairs, patio furniture, refrigerator doors, etc. – and it is amazing. Plus - no fake, perfume-y scent.

Favorite Laundry Detergent

Seventh Generation Laundry Packs are perfect for busy families. The packs are pre-measured so you just toss one in and done! They are hypoallergenic and free from synthetic dyes and super safe for your beloved hurricanes and the environment, but clean as well (seriously) as conventional detergent.

Favorite Mommy Cleaning Must-Have

A year or so ago, my then 2-year-old son decided to take a black Sharpie marker to our white kitchen cabinets. After trying several products, I thought those cabinets were a lost cause, but I decided to try one more thing: A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Much to my surprise, it worked!! After that experience, I always keep a package of them on hand. They work great for cleaning up after your sweet little earthquakes, but no scary residue.

Favorite DIY Cleaner Recipe

And or course, vinegar is a wonderful alternative to store-bought cleaners. Here is one of my favorite recipes...

1/2 cup vinegar

1/2 cup filtered water

Mix the vinegar and filtered water in a spray bottle and voila....a DIY way to clean up after your tropical storms.

Happy cleaning! I'd love to hear about your favorite cleaners...please share your comments on Tot Squad’s Facebook page!



About Stephanie:

Stephanie is the voice behind the blog “The Inspired Mommy” where she shares (sometimes too much) what life with four children under the age of seven is really like...the good, the bad and the ugly....and how she loves every second of it.