Food Allergy Prevention in Babies

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics tell parents early and frequent introduction of food allergens may be helpful in preventing allergies later in life.

Tot Squad is thrilled to partner with Walmart to offer 20-minute live video chat consultations where we’ll connect you with a Tot Squad Registered Dietitian to help you assess your baby's risk for a food allergy (or allergies) and help you to create a plan for how to introduce common food allergens early and often, and in a way that fits your family's lifestyle.

This consultation is perfect for families with children aged 4 months to 12 months of age. This service is a good complement to a visit to your doctor or pediatrician and serves as an opportunity to speak directly to a Registered Dietitian in a clear and open setting.

If you’re interested in food-allergy prevention advice then check out our listing here

What’s great about our Walmart “mini-consults” is that your RD will successfully address your allergen-related questions and make recommendations to help you successfully and safely introduce new foods to your baby. Always speak with your doctor or pediatrician before making any dietary changes with your baby.

You are welcome to ask any and all questions about baby foods and beverages during your session, and we recommend you write them down in advance of your appointment so you don't forget anything. Follow-up consultations are available to ensure your baby feeding journey is a happy one.

This service is not meant to replace, substitute, or otherwise override the recommendations of a physician. If you are concerned that your child may have a life-threatening allergy, speak with your doctor before proceeding with booking this appointment.

Disclaimer: If you or a family member are experiencing a medical emergency, you should dial "911" immediately. Tot Squad does not provide advice regarding acute allergic relations or the use of epinephrine. If you think your child or family member is experiencing an anaphylactic reaction, call "911" immediately and speak to a medical provider.

How To Book Your Appointment:

  • Add this item to your shopping cart and complete payment at checkout
  • Within 48 hours of your purchase, a Tot Squad representative will reach out to you via the email you used to purchase the item. The email will include instructions for booking your virtual video chat appointment
  • Once your video appointment has been confirmed, the Tot Squad Provider will connect with you via a virtual waiting room which you can access via your phone or computer at the designated time

This coaching service is not medical advice or care and should not be considered as such.